What we stand for


In times when data privacy is at the heart of many ethical issues, we have developed a completely transparent algorithm. We all want ease of access without being spied on.


With over ten years in the recommendation systems industry, Rumo carries Spideo’s wealth of experience. We believe that accessibility is a crucial element to obtain users’ trust.


Rumo is designed to be fully adaptable. That’s why every feature can be modified manually. You own your recommendation process.

Rumo’s backstory

Rumo is a branch of Spideo, reference for video recommendations and an international company whose customers are multinationals.

Rumo is the result of Spideo’s goal of developing a SaaS recommendation system platform for entertainment content.

Both companies share the same values and strongly emphasize the human aspect of technology. Algorithms are tools that help maximizing human potential.

Cultural content should not be recommended as a consumer good. It involves feelings and emotions and should be treated accordingly.

What is “Rumo”?

Rumo is the Portuguese word for “path.” Our eponymous algorithm helps people find the right path to the content that matters to them. Our great team works every day to improve the quality of our services. Our goal is to make our technology a tool for a kinder world.

Our missions

To provide a high quality SaaS referral system.
To put people at the heart of the recommendation process.
To help the entertainment industries, beyond video content.
To streamline the topic of recommendations.
To be practical for everyone and every businesses.
To be fully customizable and transparent.

The faces behind Rumo

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