New features for 2023: Topic Based & co

New year, new features, and it's only the beginning! Stay tuned for our upcoming releases! .

2 min. read

As we head into 2023, we are also planning the next steps for Rumo. And a few features are in the works as we speak. Or rather as I write and you read instead.

The first one that’s already available on the dashboard is Interaction Ranking. It allows editors to weight interactions (click, complete, like, bookmark, …) and these adjustments apply to the computation of the personalized recommendation for all users. This enables editors to determine the relevance of a specific interaction compared to another and adjust the recommendations accordingly.

Next comes Topic Based, which has multiple sub-features. The first is to avoid cold start issues for new users by asking them what they are interested in during the onboarding (it’s a cold start situation where a user chooses their favorite titles or topics when they begin their journey on the platform). This way, they will build their User Semantic Profile right from the start and receive personalized recommendations on their first connection. 

Last but not least, Topic Based allows end users to follow a specific topic and get recommendations related to it. Just like the “follow” button for artists on Spotify for example.

Our second upcoming feature, editorial fallback, is currently in an alpha phase of development. It will give editors the ability to create a specific content rail to display in a situation where Rumo has no relevant recommendation to propose. This sometimes happens when the only available recommendations are too far from the original content. Rumo then chooses to display nothing rather than poor results.

That’s all for now, be sure to check out our public roadmap to follow-up on our progress and tell us what feature you want next!