Your podcast platform needs personalized recommendations. Now.

A good user experience is mandatory for your podcast platform and to achieve this. Having personalized recommendations is the solution. .

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As podcast industry experts, you are fully aware of their potential. They have become so popular in recent years that many companies have jumped on the bandwagon. With competitors like Spotify, Apple, Deezer and many others, it takes something special to keep your customer.

How to save you users from endless scrolling…

There’s an implicit contract between you and your subscribers.Ffrom the moment they subscribe, they expect to find the right content. The one that suits them. Users need to know they can trust your podcast platform to guide them in the world of hyperchoice, or they will leave. 

Actually, we think the best way to deal with it is to opt for a contextual recommendation system. By doing so, you will allow your users to receive personalized recommendations that will save them from endlessly scrolling for podcasts that might interest them. Matching content and users reduces churn. Providing impactful content keeps the user entertained and interested in your platform’s content.

… by using relevant tools…

There is many way to work on that. At Spideo, we use a semantic approach to our recommendations. It allows our algorithm to match content tags to the user’s tastes and preferences and therefore offer personalized recommenation. Every content is unique, so it should be treated that way. Our system is designed to offer different combinations and to empower user choice.

Most importantly, we realized that most of you needed to have control on this subject, not only can we provide personalized recommendations, we also offer the ability to manually adjust the recommendation settings to your liking.

  • We also offer services like automated editorialization: With Rumo, each user can be sent to a different page without any editorial or curatorial effort. Can you imagine the time your team will save? 
  • Soon, you’ll also be able to use our recommendation system for episodes: Any episode can lead to a recommendation of another. A great way to explore your catalog. By the way, if you want to vote for the next features you can do it here (our Product Team would be very happy, you know that?).

… that are easy to understand for you and your users.

Moreover, it’s a transparent algorithm that allows users to peek behind the curtain. By giving users the opportunity to understand how the algorithm works, you build a sense of trust with them. They are even more likely to try and interact with the algorithm when they know how things work.

All these elements reinforce each other to provide the best recommendation system possible and to deliver our customers a high quality product that will significantly boost their user experience.

We simply let your users listen to what they love.